About Us

Welcome To MODD, Where Design Meets Functionality!

After years of experience in inventory planning, marketplace analysis, forecasting, purchasing and delivering, we are proud to say that we have developed a series of High-end Vacuum Cleaners that are sure to keep our customers fully satisfied!

How Was MODD Brought to Life?

MODD is our most recent creation, inspired by our dedication to offering you the most sought-after, high-end quality products. We keep an eye on trends in the industry to ensure that we produce and offer our clients what they need before they need it! MODD is focused on providing you with a series of deluxe vacuum cleaners, including a state-of-the-art robotic unit, a 2-1 cordless, and an upright with much more to come!

What Do You Have To Gain?

Our products will always be available; no late deliveries, no dissatisfied customers! What’s more, we keep an eye on the shifts and tides of the market and produce future best-selling items with accuracy; in other words, you win!

Last, but not least, we take pride in all our partnerships with various key retailers around the globe. We treat our partners with respect and professionalism, thus building sturdy, long-time, dependable business collaborations!

Mission Statement

Our mission is to boost the customer experience, and help business ideas thrive because, for us, challenging work and innovation moves the world forward and makes it a better place. Each genuine idea, every new product is a sign of progress towards improving our everyday life and allowing us to be even more creative and free!

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Our Team

                                  Brand Manager : Katherine McGarrah-McLaughlin